Our Services

Home Inspections(with E-key entry ability)

Complete photo enhanced reference style reports delivered to the client the same day as the inspection (including weekends at no extra charge).  The client is encouraged to accompany the inspector during the inspection in order to learn the most about their prospective property.

Inspection costs are based upon total square footage and age of the structure.  A typical buyer home inspection is $300 for a 2,500 ftor less home - $50 for each additional 500 ft2.  Multi-family units are $100 extra per unit.  Additional cost for mileage may be added.

Pre-listing seller home inspections are priced the same as a buyer home inspection.  Pre-listing inspections are useful for a seller who wants to uncover and possibly address any defective issues with their home before putting it on the market.

Re-inspections start at $100 - additional costs for mileage and square footage may be added. 

Radon testing is $150 with results available after two days from the start of the test.  Additional cost for mileage maybe added.

Home Maintenance/Repair

Any maintenance/repair needs can be addressed no matter how big or small.

Best Home Inspections Services

Cost: Strictly time and materials with no mark-up. The contractor prices for materials are what the client pays. Labor rate is $75/hr for any time over one hour or a $100 minimum charge for any time less than one hour. 

Property Management Services

Anything a property owner needs involving their rental properties can be taken care of.  From advertising to leases, tenant screening, repairs, collections, and even small claims court.

10% of monthly rent plus standard labor/material rates (described above) for any required maintenance/repairs to the rental unit.